Brakes and Parts

Hydraulic brake actuators and surge brake actuators are commonly found on boat and utility trailers. Pacific Boat Trailers offers UFP Brake Actuators and Trailer Buddy Parts.

Hydraulic Trailer Brake Actuators and Replacement Parts. Featuring disc and drum brake actuators from Trailer Buddy, UFP (Unique Functional Products), Titan/Dico, Atwood, and Tie-Down. We carry replacement parts for the UFP A-60, A-75, A-84, and A-160 actuators. We also have a large inventory of replacement parts for the Titan/Dico Model 6, 60,10, 20 and Aero7500 and Atwood Model 60 hydraulic trailer brake actuators.

Trailers equipped with a Hydraulic Surge Brake Actuator system function by a surge or push of the trailer forward. As the towing vehicles operator applies the vehicle's brakes the centrifugal force causes the trailer to push forward. When the trailer pushes forward, the hydraulic brake actuator slides together and the master cylinder is applied to engage the brakes.