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UFP XR-84 Self Latching Inner Member Slide, 8400lb. DRUM Brakes #40204

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UFP XR-84 Self Latching Inner Member Slide, 8400lb. DRUM Brakes #40204

The XR-84 is UFP's newest hydraulic brake actuator.  It features a self-latching coupler that automatically latches to a 2" ball when hooking up.  This complete Inner member slide fits into existing outer member housings.  Includes all internal working parts of the Hydraulic Brake Actuator. All UFP actuator inner member slides and outer housing assemblies are compatible with one another regardless of bolt-on or weld-on configurations.

Complete with: Aluminum Master Cylinder, Shock Absorber, Rollers, Roller Pins, Push-Rod, Latch Assembly, Breakaway Cable.

  • For use with hydraulic drum brakes systems
  • Automatic self-latching coupler makes hooking up your trailer a breeze
  • All internal metal working parts are plated for corrosion resistance
  • Standard with an 8400lb. GVWR rating
  • Standard All-Aluminum master cylinder for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Sealed aluminum master cylinder reservoir inhibits moisture from entering
  • Rubber push rod boot offers protection against freeze-up
  • Exclusive UFP self-latching mechanism ensures hitch ball is locked in place
  • Breakaway cable kit included
  • The XR-84 is very easy to bleed, it can be pressure bled, or you can stroke the master cylinder push rod with a screwdriver
  • 2-year limited warranty

40204 UFP XR-84 Inner member slide, complete assembly for drum brakes