Dexter Electric/Hydraulic Disc Brake Actuator #K71-651-00

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Dexter Electric/Hydraulic Disc Brake Actuator #K71-651-00

DEXTER Electric/Hydraulic Disc brake actuator is compatible with all vehicle electric connectors and works with all in-cab controllers. Provides 1600 psi of pressure for 1-3 axles equipped with disc brakes. Brake fluid pressure is proportional to the electric brake controller signal. Sealed, anodized aluminum housing provides a weather tight seal.


  • Large reservoir capacity reduces the number of fill-ups required which reduces the bleed time as well as the risk of running the reservoir dry during brake bleeding
  • Aluminum enclosure provides anti-corrosive protection and prevents the elements from affecting reliability while the finned housing design dissipates heat efficiently
  • The unit's hydraulic pump is unrestricted by fluid displacement requirements of brakes which allows for use on single, tandem, and triple axle applications regardless of capacity without the risk of starving the brakes for fluid
  • Solid state electronics eliminate mechanical relays and possible damage to the unit if wired incorrectly in addition to improved durability and compatibility with any electric brake controller
  • Proportional pressure output to the brakes corresponds to voltage output of the brake controller for smooth, reliable braking
  • Reliable warranty coverage provides each actuator with an industry leading 2 year warranty


  • 1,600 psi maximum pressure output for axles equipped with disc brakes
  • Dimensions: 11.38" long x 6" wide x 7" high
  • Requires a four wire hookup and minimum 10 amp/hour break-away kit
  • Uses DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid, holds 40 cubic inches (0.7 quarts) of fluid
  • Meets all DOT regulations and complies with CFR-393 federal braking requirements
  • Eliminates the feeling of being "pushed" by the trailer (reducing the potential of jackknife)
  • Eliminates the problems found when backing a trailer uphill with surge brakes
  • Eliminates brake drag common with surge brakes on a downhill grade