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UFP DB-35 Organic Disc Brake Pads (One Wheel Set) #33008 33009

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UFP Organic Disc Brake Pads for DB-35 Disc Brake Calipers 33008 33009

Organic, UFP Trailer Disc Brake Pad set for use with DB-35 Disc Brake Calipers.  Durable, long-lasting organic brake pads are able to withstand high temperatures, maintaining their strength and integrity for longer than either NAO or semi-metallic models. Great for marine and saltwater applications.

  • Provide superior performance for more consistent braking
  • Withstand high temperatures without becoming malleable or worn
  • Resists corrosion
  • Trailer brake pad set includes 1-Inner Pads #33009 and 1-outer pads #33008. Replacement pads for 1-caliper.

NOTE: 33008, 33009 UFP DB-35 Disc Brake Pads must be replaced when 3/32" (0.094) or less of the pad friction material is left.

PRODUCT BULLETIN:  The clip on the inner pad (# 33009) is NOT required for proper braking function.  Depending on stock and suppliers, pads may or may not come with this clip.  Testing has determined the pad clip to be unnecessary.   
Pads are interchangeable (inner and outer).

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Frank W. (Federal Way, US)
Could not be happier.

Wonderful service and staff.

Craig M.

Fit as they should. Would buy from you again if needed

Ryan (Nashville, US)

Fast service

Jeff S. (Overland Park, US)
Worked great

Worked great

Ramsey D. (Los Angeles, US)
Ufp disc break pads

Your Brake pads was a perfect fit and was delivered in a timely manner. Customers replacing these brakes need to be aware that the caliper bolts can and most likely will need to be heated up to remove. I ended up having to have a suspension shop install mine. Inexpensivly,

vernon h. (California, US)

Awesome product

Jack K. (Ludington, US)

Perfect fit, very easy install.

Marc P. (Boston, US)
Awesome customer service

Exact fit for my RangerBoat trailer.

Gene G. (Paso Robles, US)
Brake pads

Great fit on my Ranger Trailer

Steve S. (Rohnert Park, US)
Tight fit

A bit of a tight fit to get them onto the calipers, but put a little grease on the ends to get them on. So far so good on the road.