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UFP A-75 Inner Member for 2-Axle Disc Brakes #47724

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UFP A-75 Inner Member, Primary Assembly for 2-Axle Disc Brakes #47724

UFP A-60 series replacement inner member slide for 2-axle hydraulic disc brakes.  This complete Inner member slide fits into existing outer member housings.  Includes all internal working parts of the A-75 Hydraulic Brake Actuator. All UFP actuator inner member slides and outer housing assemblies are compatible with one another regardless of bolt-on or weld-on configurations.

Complete with: Aluminum Master Cylinder, Shock Absorber, Rollers, Roller Pins, Push-Rod, Latch Assembly, Breakaway Cable, and electric reversing solenoid.

Please Note: 2-Axle Brakes refers to trailers equipped with brakes on 2 axles (eg: 3-axle trailer with brakes on 2 out of 3 axles)

  • For use with hydraulic disc brakes systems on 2-Axles
  • All internal metal working parts are plated for corrosion resistance
  • Standard with a 7,500 lb. GVWR rating. (previously 6,000 lb. rating)
  • Complete with an electrical reverse solenoid that allows you to back-up without brakes engaging.  The solenoid is covered by housing for protection against damage
  • Standard All-Aluminum master cylinder for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Sealed aluminum master cylinder reservoir inhibits moisture from entering
  • Rubber push rod boot offers protection against freeze-up
  • Exclusive UFP latching mechanism ensures hitch ball is locked in place
  • Breakaway cable kit included
  • 2-year limited warranty
47724 UFP A-75 Inner member slide, complete assembly for 2-axle disc brakes (099-075-20)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tracey R. (Williston, US)
Great Customer Service

We needed this part desperately...called Pacific Trailers. They not only had it in stock...they shipped it immediately.

Robert P. (Canton, US)
Direct Replacement

Exactly what I needed and a direct replacement on my boat trailer. I’ve added new OEM disc calipers and pads as well, and was very easy to install and bleed.

Gavin M. (Phoenix, US)
Does what it's supposed to do

wish it showed up sooner. But works perfectly

Mark (Homosassa, US)
Exact replacement

Replaced both inner and outer housing of brake actuator. Perfect fit and braking is now restored on my boat trailer. Thanks Pacific Trailers for exact parts at good prices.

Fredrich C. (Tucson, US)
Hard to install

I had to do some metal bending and still had a heck of time installing my A-75 actuator. It appeared to be slight out of square and bound up going into the tongue of the trailer. Maybe not in the jib correctly when welded? I got it in, but it was a battle. It seems to work, although I was concerned it was so tight that it may not function properly. I emailed Pacific Trailers about it but never got an answer. On a side note, I ordered some vault replacement caps before I ordered this. They are still not here.... Also, it seems there is a new A-84 heavier duty actuator that accepts a 2 5/16 ball, but still slides into the 3" tongue. I would have ordered that one had I known. My boat/trailer is very close to the 6000 lb limit of the 2 inch ball.

Jared S. (Idaho Falls, US)
Just what I need, fast

They had what I needed at the best price. Couldn’t source it locally and this was definitely the next best option with clear communication and quick shipment.

Shaltow (Perkins, US)
A-75 Inner Member

Did not receive mine from Pacific Trailers, it was on back order and didn't make the truck on the last delivery and I was in a time crunch, so I had to go elsewhere. Customer service was great and they sent my refund immediately.
Now for the A-75 inner member actuator, this thing is great. Slides into any UFP outer member and bolts right up. I have a tandom axle boat trailer with disc brakes on both axles, so I had to order the one for two axle disc brakes. No price difference on this website, so no problem. Functions well and is easy to bleed the brakes after install. Recommend this item for your trailer brake needs.

Brooks C. (Vancouver, US)
Replacement part

Easy install and works great.

Steve B. (Portsmouth, US)
Nice product for an awesome price

I needed a new hydraulic coupler for my Magic Tilt trailer. My existing coupler is streamlined with the trailer frame and I did not want to change that configuration. Pacific Trailers had the same coupler with different configuration outer sleeve for a killer deal. All I had to do was to change the existing outer sleeve onto the new coupler.
Thanks for the quality product at a fantastic price.

Sean G.

Shipped quickly. Easy to install.