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UFP A-75 Inner Member (Drum Brakes) #47729

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UFP A-75 (formerly A-70) Inner Member Slide for DRUM Brakes #47729

UFP A-60 series replacement inner member slide for hydraulic drum brakes.  This complete Inner member slide fits into existing outer member housings.  Includes all internal working parts of the A-75 Hydraulic Brake Actuator. All UFP actuator inner member slides and outer housing assemblies are compatible with one another regardless of bolt-on or weld-on configurations. 

Complete with: Aluminum Master Cylinder, Shock Absorber, Rollers, Roller Pins, Push-Rod, Latch Assembly and Breakaway Cable.


  • For use with hydraulic drum brakes systems
  • All internal metal working parts are plated for corrosion resistance
  • Standard with a 7,500 lb. GVWR rating. (previously 6,000 lb. rating)
  • Standard All-Aluminum master cylinder for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Sealed aluminum master cylinder reservoir inhibits moisture from entering
  • Rubber push rod boot offers protection against freeze-up
  • Exclusive UFP latching mechanism ensures hitch ball is locked in place
  • Breakaway cable kit included
  • 2-year limited warranty

47729 UFP A-75 Inner member slide, complete assembly for hydraulic drum brakes (099-075-00)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Derek A. (Atlanta, US)
Part out of stock

However company went out of way to send different model.

Peter H. (Watsonville, US)
Customer service matters

The UFP A-75 I ordered became back-ordered by the supplier so they sent an A-60 instead to prevent any further delays, which was much appreciated. The part fit perfectly.

glen l. (Jacksonville, US)
A75 inner member

The best experience ever!!!! Helped me over the phone then got my part shipped the same day received exactly what I ordered and quicker than expected. Highly recommend Pacific Trailers. Great job guys thank you

Christopher J. (Orem, US)

Worked great!

Michael M. (Virginia Beach, US)
Not Corrosion Resistant

Received the actuator as promised.
This was a replacement for one that engaged accidentally. My fault. However, when I removed the old one, it was well on its way to being too corroded to function. It was 18 months old. I fish salt water and rinse the actuator after every launch. These things have a limited (maybe 3 years) life unless you remove them and Sand and grease the contact surfaces annually. See photos. Only 18 months of use.

Chris C. (Bethel Park, US)
Exact replacement

This UPF-75 inner member was an exact replacement for the unit my 1994 Mastercraft trailer. It installed easily. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

Albert W. (Riverside, US)

Excellent service.

David D. (Winchester, US)

This was the exact coupler I needed. Great deal and quick delivery. Was told by a shop that this part was only available as a complete unit. They should have looked here. Who need s the metal outer bracket, this is the part that fails. Saved a bunch of money!

Jim A. (Springfield, US)
Easy to install.

Removal of the old actuator and installation of the new one was not difficult. It did not come with instructions so I watched numerous YouTube videos until I felt comfortable with the bleeding process. I finally found a PDF on the A-75, (Google), and it explained about actuator travel vs brake adjustment. I won't know how it works until next fishing season as I havent road tested it yet.

Nicole B. (Pearl City, US)
Brake parts

Super fast shipping, item was exactly what I needed for my trailer. Part was easy to order and priced great! We will definitely be doing business here again!