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Trailer Buddy UFP Electric Reverse Solenoid Valve with Fittings #34500 054-101-00

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Trailer Buddy/UFP Electric Reverse Solenoid Valve with Fittings #34500

Necessary for disc brake use, This electronically activated reversing solenoid prevents hydraulic pressure buildup whenever the tow vehicle is shifted into reverse.  Brake Fluid is routed back to the actuators master cylinder reservoir, no line pressure builds up and the trailer can easily be backed up. 

The electrical lead from the solenoid valve (usually a blue wire) must be connected to the tow vehicle's back-up lights.  A "click" should be heard when the tow vehicle is shifted into reverse and the back-up lights come on.  This solenoid valve is fail-safe.  That is, it will not open if it were to malfunction so the user will always have brakes when towing forward. Be sure to secure the white ground wire to the frame.

  • Controlled by the tow vehicles back-up light circuit
  • Solenoid comes with ground wire to improve on old models which were self grounded
  • Installs easily into the UFP Disc Brake Master Cylinder #34762
  • Works with hydraulic surge-type actuators
  • Closes when activated to prevent fluid from reaching brakes
  • Requires 5-pole flat, 6-way round or 7-pole wiring harness for connection
  • Includes inlet and outlet fittings
  • The white wire is a ground wire to be secured to the frame
  • #27 on UFP Parts List Schematic Drawing
  • Dimensions 6.8" x 4.5" x 2"

34500 UFP Electric Reverse Solenoid valve with fittings (054-101-00)

Trailer Buddy Products by UFP Electric Reverse Solenoid Valve with Fittings #34500

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Jesse E. (Cincinnati, US)
Reverse solenoid

Took a long time to arrive. .2 weeks I believe. But product was fantastic and solved my issue

W. H. (Mount Vernon, US)
Great company for ufp brake parts

I bought a used Shorelandr trailer that someone had pulled the caliper bleed screw out and left it out most likely because the reverse solenoid went bad and they were too lazy to replace it. It has a key you can insert to back up to keep tongue from engaging brakes while backing but I hope this fixes the issue. I feel it will. I love this company. They get all my business on these parts because even though I'm on the east coast and they are on the west, they are super fast and alway get it right. Love these guys!!!

As advertised

All good.
Installed,wired up good to go!

Larry J.B. (Evansville, US)
As advertised

Quickly shipped and easy to install

Wil T. (Greer, US)
Brake solenoid

Works great

Shawn P. (Utica, US)
Electric Reverse Solenoid Valve

Perfect as advertised and on time!!! Thank you!

Patrick P. (San Diego, US)
Perfect and easy fix

Shipping was fast and earlier than expected

Rhonda J. (San Francisco, US)
Works great!

Easy to install and works great! Thank you for an easy purchase with quality parts! Fast shipping too!

Robert S. (Gig Harbor, US)
Works as designed

My old one froze up in the closed position, needed a new one

David W. (Blacklick, US)
Right replacement for Ranger Trail

Exactly like the one on my 2017 521C trailer all fittings were correct. Would recommend