Titan/Dico Model 10 and 6 Replacement Damper Shock #1242600

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Titan/Dico Replacement Damper Shock for the Model 10 and Model 6 Hydraulic Brake Actuator #1242600

This replacement damper shock is designed for use with the Model 10 and Model 6 Titan Hydraulic Brake Actuator.  Model 10 requires 2 damper shocks to complete the installation.

  • Replacement shock damper for the Model 10
  • Extended length: 8 1/16"
  • Collapsed length: 6"
  • The inner diameter of mounting rings: 0.63" and 0.90"
  • The outer diameter of body: 1.63"
  • #29 in schematic

1242600 Damper Shock Replacement for Titan Model 10 and Model 6 Brake Actuator Couplers

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Randy M. (Livingston, US)

Identical to the original. Received the part in a few days so A+ on shipping.

Zell H. (Summerfield, US)
Perfect Fit

I have already sent a review for this item, but don't mind sending another. It was a difficult item to locate here in Central Florida and basically nobody knew what to call it. The trailer was an older model with no readable nameplates on it. The damper was rusted without any names, but did have a number stamped in it, something to go by. Everyone was looking for shock absorbers for cars. My wife googled heavy duty trailer brake parts and came up with your site. I miked out the size, compared to this damper and ordered it. It arrived in a timely manner and was an exact replacement. Thank you.

Andy S. (Phoenix, US)
Perfect fit

Great part. Exact replacement. Brakes are finally done!

joe b. (Fillmore, US)
How to install Dico Model 10

They work...but here's how u do it...

Pull the four pins and pull inner section out.
Cut two 1 inch dia. sleeves from pipe just wide enough to go thru the inner hitch to flush on both sides.

Put a pin in a vice to anchor one end and pull the new shock to extend all the way.

Put bottom shock in and the small pin for it. Then the steel rollers on both side of large end of thus shock on either side and slide the sleeve in to hold all in place.

Put top shock in same way with pins and sleeves.

Make sure brake actuator square bare is in. Before u slide this back in, use a screw driver thru outer tongue hitch pin hole to lift master cylinder lever 1/2 inch, this slides under square bar......now slide the hitch unit in and align sleeves with holes and push large pins in...,displacing sleeves out opposite side.

Don't get it? Hire a mechanic....

Lucas P. (Youngstown, US)
Direct replacement, perfect fit

Perfect fit, direct swap out, pleasure doing busiest with Pacific Trailers

Michael B. (East Wenatchee, US)
Dico model 10 damper

Perfect fit, quick and courteous service

John G. (Hot Springs, US)
Great Customer Service

Quality parts at reasonable prices... Super fast order processing and shipping... You can't go wrong dealing with Pacific trailer...... five star service

Greg M. (Leesburg, US)
Perfict fit - Really Easy Repair

I'm rebuilding my Titan Model 6 Surge-o-Matic Disk brake actuator. It took about 30 seconds to swap this new part in for the old. Why buy a new actuator when its this easy to rebuild your existing one? Very Happy!!

Ken C.

I ordered parts for my Calkins trailer actuator consisting of a master cylinder damping shock and new safety brake cable. All parts arrived in excellent condition and where identical to the OEM parts. My actuator is now as good as new.

What was particularly good news as they arrived to me here in BC Canada without any additional duties or taxes owing even though the value was just under $200.00USD.

On the negative side it took pacific trailer almost 2 weeks after I placed my order to ship it. Not sure why the delay.

louis k.

Stop using the USPS for shipping...
It took 11 days to get the items. Chino California to Des Moines Iowa back to Los Angeles California, back to Des Moines Iowa then to Milan Illinois and then it got delivered.