KODIAK XL Prolube Kit for 2.441" Hubs & 5200lb. Axles #XLPROLUBE2440-K

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KODIAK Oil Bath Bearing Conversion Kit for 2.441" Trailer Hubs #XLPROLUBE2440-K

Convert your trailer from messy grease to oil with your existing hubs.  This kit includes all necessary parts including oil, oil seals, and pro-lube oil caps.

  • Designed to overcome corrosion and leaks commonly resulting in premature bearing failure. 
  • The body construction features an anodized aluminum housing for corrosion resistance. 
  • A watertight O-ring seal prevents water from entering. 
  • Plug removes easily for convenient filling and annual changing. 
  • The included oil is a special synthetic formula that reduces friction and is compatible with existing grease. 
  • Boasts superior Hi-Lo temperature performance and excellent corrosion resistance. 
  • The seal is a true unitized oil seal and provides water and contaminate tight seal. 
  • Oils bearings through centrifugal force. No more packing bearings and leaking grease. 
  • Easy installation

XLPROLUBE244 KODIAK Oil bath trailer bearing conversion kit for all makes of trailers