FULTON F2 Twin Track Trailer Jack, Bolt-On 1,600 lb. #1413020134

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FULTON F2 Twin Track Trailer Jack, Bolt-On 1,600 lb. #1413020134

This corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free trailer jack is made for marine, recreational and utility trailers.  The Fulton F2 Trailer Jacks feature an all-aluminum alloy construction with adjustable mount and swivel system.  The twin-track wheels roll independently for easy maneuverability.


  • Adjustable swivel mount for ease of use
    • Allows for adjustability to any height for mounting
    • Integrated easy to use pull pin
  • Maintenance-free aluminum alloy construction
    • Completely sealed and lubricated the gearbox
    • Anodized alloy aluminum finish on inner and outer tubes prevents rust
  • Twin-track wheels roll independently for easy maneuverability
  • Wide wheelbase allows for increased stability
  • Sidewind handle is made of strong plastic for durability and ease of use
  • Mounting bracket and hardware are included
  • Sleek styling, the F2 jack is perfect for any application.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • This Jack has a 1600lb. lift capacity and fits up to 3" x 4" tongues
  • 10" of lift height (screw travel)
  • 8" of bracket height adjustment (mount travel)
  • 9/16" diameter pull pin
  • 7" diameter wheels

1413020134 Fulton F2 Twin Track, Dual wheel Trailer Jack twin track with dual wheels