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Boat Bling QUICKIE SAUCE, Premium 'Quickie' Cleaner (32 oz.) #QS0032

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Boat Bling QUICKIE SAUCE, Premium 'Quickie' Cleaner (32 oz.) #QS0032


Everyone loves a freshly waxed boat; no one wants to spend all day waxing it. We’re in agreement and Quickie Sauce was created to help make this a reality. Completely wax any boat in 25% of the time as a traditional paste wax; no buffer required. How you spend all of this newly found ‘non-waxing time’ is up to you.


  • Premium Montan Wax Formula - Easy to spray, simple to rub in, easy to wipe off – no buffer needed
  • Provides superior protection from the environmental elements
  • Perfect for all fiberglass and painted surfaces
  • Safe on vinyl moldings and decals
  • Wax content lasts up to 16 weeks
  • Spray on, Rub in, Wipe off Application
  • One quart will wax a 24’ boat 3 to 4 times
  • Available in Quart (32oz) Bottles