UFP Brake Actuator Parts List and Schematic

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UFP Brake Actuator Parts List and Schematic

UFP A-60 Series Replacement Parts List and Schematic

Pacific Trailers offer a complete line of UFP replacement hydraulic brake actuators and replacement parts.  Trailer Buddy disc brake parts are also available for models DB-42 and DB-35.

To order replacement brake actuator parts for the UFP A-60, A-75, A-84, and A-160 please contact us or order online here with our secure online shopping cart. 

UFP Actuators  

Ordering Replacement Parts

Order all your replacement parts for the UFP A-60 online. Generally, all parts listed to the left are in stock and ready to ship.

NOTE: Most A-60 actuator parts are interchangeable with all UFP actuator models (with the exception of the A-160 which has some parts not listed below). UFP makes actuators available for both disc and drum brake applications. Disc brakes require an electric reverse solenoid #27 part #34500. Disc brakes on 1-trailer axle require a push rod assembly for 1-axle brakes. Disc brakes on 2 and 3 axles requires push rod assemblies according to how many braked axles you are running.

UFP Parts List
UFP Schematic


  • michael lindsay

    I have a A-70 hydraulic brake actuator and there is quite a bit of surge clunk in stopping and starting. Noticed there was no oil and the is extremely dirty. Is it worth replacing all parts or buy a new unit?

  • Richard

    Finally figured out the square shaped spring! That was not easy!

  • Richard

    Do you sell only the spring as part of the Latch replacement kit?

  • Rick

    Ordered most of my ufp a60 internal parts from pacific trailers. The least expensive out of everywhere I’ve looked online. Do yourself a favor, take it apart before you order I had to place 3 orders to get everything I needed. First 2 orders was on item i thought or was sure i needed (reverse solenoid, then master cylinder, then actuator parts,and i still need more lol thankfully its only the 3 thick wear plates. Being in canada, the only duty I had to pay was on the master cylinder which I retrofitted with the brass parts on my original. Happy I found them

  • Carlos Zamarron

    I have a hitch A- 60 , need the following part of replacement agree to the diagram :
    Item 27 , part no . 34500 solenoid valve with fitting : i need to know if you make INTERNATIONAL shipments ( mexico), Best Regards

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