Atwood Hydraulic Brake Actuator Parts List and Schematic

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Atwood Hydraulic Brake Actuator Parts List and Schematic

Atwood's Unique Design for Superior Braking

  • Unique design creates more pressure on the brakes than in-line actuator systems.
  • Parts interchangeability between 6K and 8K actuators.
  • Lock-out feature allows use with standard hydraulic brakes for backing up. No need for specific free-backing brakes.
  • Disc brake actuators available specifically for use with disc brake systems. Supplies, even more, fluid pressure to brakes than standard hydraulic.
  • A breakaway device will set trailer brakes automatically should separation from tow ball occur.
Atwood Hydraulic Brake Actuator Schematic

Ordering Replacement Atwood Parts

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Replacement Parts are no longer available, but we recommend using the UFP A-60s or A-75s. Some modifications may be needed. Possibly drilling new holes. 

  • Atwood Hydraulic Surge Brake Actuators for both DIsc and Drum Brake Applications.
  • Atwood 6,000 lb. Capacity Brake Actuators Include Model numbers: 82543, 83153, 84132, 84133, 88730, 88740
  • Atwood 8,000 lb. Capacity Brake Actuators Include Model numbers:
  • 83000, 83005, 83010, 83060, 8036


  • Allan Mast

    Looking for replacement cap for reservoir/master cylinder on model 85778 Atwood surge brake system. Looking at schematics, it is item number 15. Would appreciate any info on where I can order or purchase this item.

  • Wes

    need new master cylinder or rebuild kit for my trailer .. atwood part 85841 is the master cylinder or what is available ?
  • Douglas Stanford

    Need a Atwood 171 master cylinder to replace old rusty one. Do you possibly have one lying around on a shelf? I know Atwood is outta business and these are probably impossible to find. Thanks for your time

  • paul

    trailer hitch will lockup once in awhile after backing in.

  • Bob

    ? Do you have a Atwood complete actuator. ? Price .

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