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Brake Rite-II SD Electric/Hydraulic Brake Actuator #4834100

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Titan Brake-Rite II SD Severe Duty Replacement Brake Controller #4834100

The SD II system combines the consistency of electric brake controllers with the power and effectiveness of hydraulic disc brakes. Direct replacement for the Brake-Rite II SD, Severe Duty or RF, Radio Frequency kit.


  • Requires connection to SD or RF control module to operate
  • Electric-over-hydraulic brake actuator mounts to trailer and plugs into trailer connector
  • Electrical current runs to control module when tow-vehicle brakes are applied
  • Signal triggers pump and motor on actuator, activating trailer brakes
  • Pump-and-motor-based system increases response time compared with traditional hydraulic actuators
  • Trailer brakes are engaged when brakes are applied in tow vehicle, as opposed to surge brake style actuators.
  • Electronic, proportional pressure valve ensures that braking is smooth and effective
  • Controls braking pressure during long-term braking
  • Fluid reservoir is isolated and has diaphragm-type filler cap to prevent spills and leakage

4834100 Replacement actuator for Brake-Rite II SD severe duty and RF radio frequency