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Brake-Rite Electric/Hydraulic Drum Brake Actuator #4822500

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Titan, Brake-Rite Electric over Hydarulic Brake Controller #4822500

This Titan Brake-Rite Electric over Hydraulic Brake Actuator installs easily and delivers 75 cubic in. of volume per min.  The Brake-Rite EHB will brake up to 4 axles supplying 1000 psi. max. pressure.  As the tow vehicles brake pedal is depressed and brake lights come on, the Brake-Rite EHB system is activated and the trailers hydraulic brakes are applied.  The actual pressure control process is the result of an electric motor driven piston pump and electronically controlled pressure relief valve.

  • The Brake Rite Electric-over-hydraulic brake actuator system mounts on trailer and hardwires into trailer wiring system
  • Brake controller (sold separately) is required to send signal from tow vehicle to actuator when brakes are applied
  • Signal triggers pump and motor on actuator, activating trailer brakes
  • Pump-and-motor-based system increases response time compared with traditional hydraulic actuators
  • Trailer brakes are triggered when you apply brakes in tow vehicle, as opposed to surge brake systems where trailer surges forward to activate brakes
  • Electronic, proportional pressure valve ensures that braking is smooth and effective
  • Controls braking pressure during long-term braking
  • Fluid reservoir is isolated and has diaphragm-type filler cap to prevent spills and leakage
  • 1-year limited warranty

4822500 Titan Brake-Rite EHB Electric over Hydraulic Brake Controller